Properties of Crystals

Below is a list of each type of crystal that we have sold in the last six months. We will be updating the properties daily until all descriptions are completed.

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Amazonite encourages one to quest for the self and uncover one's own realities and dignity, and step beyond fear of being judged or conflict with others to live in harmony with those values and beliefs. It allows the free expression of one's thoughts and emotions. It affords peace and order. It rejuvenates the Chakras of the Heart and Throat primarily, improving intimate contact at all stages. It combines one's masculine/feminine energies and other character facets. The first "green stones" were found in the forest around the River Amazon. Main reserves are not presently found in this wonderful river basin region.

Amazonite acts as a Barrier Filter that prevents geopathic tension, removes emanations from microwaves and mobile phones, and protects against electromagnetic radiation. Amazonite is present worldwide, but in Russia, Myanmar (Burma), India, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States (Colorado and Virginia), there are significant deposits.


It is the crystal quartz's purple variety and the most precious and coveted variety. Amethyst's exquisite colors reflect the spiritual virtues of groundedness, quietness, and calmness. Amethyst is a zen and comforting stone working on the physical, spiritual, and emotional planes. It's also used by people to avoid impatience.

Greece, Italy, the Middle East, Brazil, Uruguay, and North Africa, have some of the most notable deposits. Amethyst is an exceptional stone, particularly following chemotherapy, radiation, or pharmaceutical treatments, to improve physical strength. Amethyst crystals are also renowned for their effect on Crown chakra.


Apophyllite is a stone typically in the form of white, yellow, pink, orange, purple, or violet. It can be opaque or translucent too. An apophyllite crystal appears to flake off or chip apart when exposed to heat because of the moisture that is lost. Apophyllite is present in India, the USA, Brazil, Scotland, South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Mexico. Reserves are often found in Canada, Iceland, Norway, Germany, and Japan.

It will let you be more open to your life's stuff, events, and people. Your instinct generally will be right, and over the period, you will come to trust them increasingly. Apophyllite will also help you communicate with your guardian angels and spiritual mentors. Apophyllite helps with burnout emotions and can substitute them with passion and zest. This can also help establish order and stability in your life. Apophyllite stimulates the heart chakra and stimulates a heart that is clear, particularly in heart-related decisions.


Arfvedsonite has the potential to produce manifestations. This stone is perfect for creating a clear path ahead and spiritual growth. Arfvedsonite helps reorganize your life bringing insights and strong positive vibrations.


A stone of growth and moving forward on the path of your life. It fills you with energy and the motivation to change. Astrophyllite is also a stone of psychic protection.

Blue Apatite

This stone is found mostly in Portugal but has been discovered in pockets around the rest of Europe

The Chakra point it is linked to is the throat chakra

Its metaphysical properties are cleansing of the aura, allowing a person to be less confused and gain clarity in their life. It is also important in consciousness and development of spiritual intelligence. In physical practice it often used for cell formation and dental areas, linking to it’s chakra point as the throat governs communication. It is also said to assist in weight loss through appetite suppression

An interesting fact about this crystal is that its name came from the Greek word for “deceive" because it comes in so many shades that it can be mistaken for many others


Blue Aragonite

This stone is found around the world as it is one of the three most common formations. It is often found in China, the USA, Spain, Namibia, Morocco and Britain. The name comes from Spain.

The Chakra point it is linked to the throat chakra as it is about effective communication, particularly with the spirit guides, but it governs many areas associated with the throat chakra.

Occasionally it is also associated with the heart chakra because of it’s sense of joy and calming

Its metaphysical properties are to do with boosting empathy, and like many other blue stones it has a very calming nature. This comes from its natural vibration and the slowing effect this has on the body's frequency

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is often use in therapies involving the inner child and the healing of childhood wounds that we were too fearful to enunciate back then


Blue Calcite

This stone is found on every continent but the most common area is Mexico. The darkest shades of this stone are found in South Africa

The Chakra point it is linked to is the third eye chakra as it deals with several aspects of inner sight, however all blue crystals can be used in conjunction with the throat chakra

Its metaphysical properties are of calming. It has esoteric properties of transmuting energies which is very effective in spiritual healing. It is also known to stimulate a person’s creative side. Because of the elements of creation and transformation it has an excellent ability to enhance, and strengthen your dream life, letting you gain meaning and understanding more clearly which messages we need to receive as we filter out the images

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it has transformative properties. When worn, it is said to absorb negative energy that would come towards you or from you. Once absorbed, it transmutes this, turning it to positive energy and releasing it out at a more productive and positive vibration


Blue Goldstone

This stone is a manmade stone with flecks of copper in it, but it was first created in Venice

The Chakra point it is linked to is the throat chakra, however because of it’s copper content it can be used on other points in healing which reflect the particular area of the physical pain

Its metaphysical properties are to do with uplifting areas. It is a great to stone to carry with you if you want to increase your confidence, are an ambitious person or need an extra push with your motivation and drive.

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it has a duel purpose, because the glitter within it is made from copper it also carries the values of the metal which makes it useful in terms of joint problems like arthritis, rheumatism and general aches and pains

Another interesting fact is that beyond the base of glass and copper it does not have a set alchemical recipe, often including traces of cobalt, manganese or chromium in various levels



This stone is found all over the world, including the USA, Austria, England, South Africa, India, Norway and Greenland, and has been found within meteorites too

The Chakra points it is linked to are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and it is also the zodiac stone for the stars sign Leo. In the root chakra it is grounding, in the sacral it is opening and balancing, and in the solar plexus it is helpful in spiritual transformation

Its metaphysical properties are about connection and the happiness which comes from these connections. Because of this it is a good stone to use in meditation. It is said to ward off spiritual toxins which is useful in daily life but very much an asset in astral projection as you transcend the layers. It is protective and grounding

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is one of the most powerful stones for alleviating feelings of self-doubt, it is named the "warrior stone" and has been found in meteorites. It is said to bring the body to a perfect PH balance.


Bumblebee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper is a mystical stone with immense strength and promise concealed in it. Occurring only inside the Australian and Indonesian volcanoes, the Bumble Bee Jasper is quite rare and difficult to locate. Bumble Bee Jasper lays claim to a wide variety of beneficial energies that you can use to boost your daily lives. Also, Bumble Bee Jasper will make you rather more resistant to changes and new environments.

It will help to improve your total nervous system,  your sleep cycles, and balance. It can also help rid you of multiple stomach conditions, allergies, and diseases of the circulatory system. It also has the potential to restore the throat and reproductive organs if damaged. These stones stimulate both the sacral(naval) and solar plexus(power) chakras.


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline crystal is a strong stone that protects against all sorts of harmful energy, including psychological protection and EMF defense. This is also a solid foundation spiritual block. It promotes positive feelings and good luck and satisfaction, irrespective of the conditions you are facing. They are incredible healing crystals that you can use to relieve pain, strengthen the immune system, help stress and arthritis.

Tourmaline's black variety was found in a wide range of locations like Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the USA. These stones funnel an overload of energy down to the earth star chakra through the base or root chakra, helping you to expel a surplus of energy, which has led you to feel tired.



Bloodstone makes you feel more focused because they aid you in regaining personal strength. They were known as Heliotrope in the olden days. They boost self-esteem and help develop confidence and mind toughness to do what needs to be done inside your personal truth. Its resonance will help you find a profound sense of spiritual persistence within yourself.

Deposits of Bloodstone have been found in Australia, Czech Republic, Russia, India, China, Brazil, and the USA. Bloodstone is an outstanding healing stone, and its resonance can aid the protection of the blood inside the sacral or navel chakra. In the base chakra, their energy aligns, and this makes them good spiritual grounding stones. These also seek to help both the chakra of the heart and the chakra of the navel or sacral.

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated-Jasper contains Hematite. Brecciated-Jasper is an outstanding grounding stone that will help you hold your feet on the ground and promote sensations of serenity and connectedness. Brecciated-Jasper has a pleasant, encouraging energy that fosters peace of mind and concentration. This stone will also improve your contact with humans and even animals. Its healing properties can contribute to fast recovery from diseases. It affects chakras, both root, and sacral. Brecciated Jasper may also be used to alleviate sexual guilt or embarrassment, to relax sexual aggressiveness, and to aid in harmony with sex. It is common in Africa, Brazil, China, the United States.


Banded Calcite

This stone is found in Mexico. All Chakra points are effected by this stone. This crystal is that it is a purification stone.

Its metaphysical properties are cleansing and power amplification. Because it is banded with so many colors it contains a wide variety of properties which fluctuate with each piece because they are available in different quantities. Red bands increase energy and will power. Brown removes negative energy and removes energy blockages. White raises energy levels. Green elevates emotional stress and makes people feel serene. Tri-color calcite is an immune system booster. All kinds of banded calcite are said to help heal the skin, intestines, kidneys, pancreas and spleen

Botswana Agate

Botswana-Agate takes its name from the country in which it is extracted in Southern Africa. It is also described as the Sunset Stone due to its ability to preserve sunlight and provide people with warmth during dark and solitary nights. Botswana Agate has a vibration that is very gentle and loving. Botswana Agate may be of assistance to anyone who has suppressed emotional problems that need addressing. This can give rise to healing. Botswana Agate helps not to dwell on it, but to search for the solution to a problem. It activates the Chakra of the Crown, invigorates the auric body, and fosters everlasting and continuous love. This also affects chakras in the root and sacral. This stone may be used to improve or assist in various medical procedures for specific physical problems. Through enhancing your attention, analytical skills, and vision, Botswana-Agate will improve your cognitive abilities.


Cat's eye

This stone is man made. It is linked to the crown Chakra.

Its metaphysical properties are fortification of spirit. It is also supposed to be effective in study, discipline and learning, making it a strong choice for students. It also dispels unwanted negativity and energies from the aura

This stone received it's name from resembling the eye of a cat.



Carnelian is action stones that give the strength and resolve to move on to a new life path. This stone of power activates both desire and energy. It was used in ancient days to guard the deceased on their way to the hereafter. They are powerful healing crystals that support the physical body's well-being, as it ensures increased energy flows from life force through the blood. Deposits have been found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Britain, Brazil, Uruguay, and Peru, but much of the best Carnelian stone comes from India.

The different colors influence different chakras with the deeper red-orange stones providing strong energy to help the base chakra and the rosier orange reverberating inside the heart chakra. This stone's energy in all colors will activate strongly the first through to third chakras, as well as flow through the heart chakra. Depending on the crystal's color, the reverberation of different stones may align within different chakras. Using this to facilitate an increase in physical contact at the sacral or navel chakra.


Celestite is blue Quartz, with a nice soothing vibration that elevates. It enables peace of mind as it clarifies and enhances cognitive abilities. Celestite was found in Libya, Egypt, Madagascar, Germany, Italy, UK, Poland, Peru, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

This stone opens you up to the higher spiritual chakras and the soul star chakra, also called the eighth chakra. It is opened through the crown chakra. All of these three higher chakras have a part to play in fostering the progression of any psychic gifts, including clairaudience, also known as spiritual healing, better intuition, and clear-seeing. There are also other secondary effects, such as reducing frustration and promoting composure and calmness, that can come across during use. It also has the ability to help with dream retrieval and can open the cells for healing.


Chinese Writing Stone

This stone is found in China and is connected with the root chakra.

Its metaphysical properties are associated with bringing stability to your life. It is said that this stone allows us the strength to face difficult truths and find ways to overcome them. It is a great stone to carry when we need to adapt to a new changes and accept them as challenges rather than obstacles

An interesting fact about this crystal is that its name not only comes from it’s origins in China but because it contains feldspar. Feldspar formations group together in a way which often look like Chinese writing



Citrine crystals are considered as powerful healing crystals so you can use them to help you manifest abundance and wealth, but they also have other characteristics, including relieving anxiety and fear. Both natural stone and heat-treated stones have similar qualities but vary. Natural pieces come from the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil, as well as France, Britain, Russia, Madagascar, Burma, Spain, South Africa, and in the USA.

They also have the ability to help calm fear and anxiety by stimulating the solar plexus by its powerful motion. It is an extremely beneficial stone, which gives all the lower three chakras energy through. It will also open the third eye chakra, and help you focus better. It will help you in dealing with ego issues that come from within the solar plexus.


It's a highly defensive stone, and shielding you from psychic assault. It is named after the place it is situated in Russia, near the Chara River. The emanation of Charoite will help the body respond to the energies at higher frequencies. This is important to use for both healers and those employed in psychological jobs. To encourage you to be of support to others is the aim of the premier stone.

It lets you merge your heart chakra with your crown chakra and builds an unconditional love atmosphere. It provides complete integration of the energy by its behavior within the higher chakras. As this force moves down from the higher spiritual chakras, it offers a soul bond that supports you on your spiritual path in taking the next steps.


Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper helps you bridge the gap you have built around yourself as a defense. This can also ease the urge to take vengeance on someone you believe has wronged you. Black spots are Black Tourmaline, and even with a spiritual foundation and psychic security, it can benefit you. This stone is found in Mexico. The sacral or navel chakra, base chakra, and earth chakra will be activated by Dalmatian Jasper. Dalmation Stone's energy pulsates within the solar plexus or power chakra. This can bring about an increase in food breakdown, so it is good for digestion. It's even said to aid if you have gallstone issues. This is an outstanding stone for restoring the blood and immune system


Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate is also called the "Stone of Plenitude," and is correlated with abundance, wealth, and development. It can improve one's self-confidence and tenacity as well as turn bad energy into positive energies (both in the atmosphere and the body). Physically, Dendritic Agate can support nerve and blood vessel problems but is especially beneficial to those with neuralgia. The skeletal, digestive, and lymphatic systems can benefit from this. In particular, Agates holds a quiet aura that operates on the subtle bodies and is useful in many areas of one's life for maintaining harmony and equilibrium. They are found widely in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and the United States.


Dream Amethyst

Chevron-Amethyst is a mixture of White Quartz and Amethyst, combined into a striped pattern. Throughout India, Brazil, and Africa, this stone can usually be found. It is a highly spiritual gem, which is a wonderful tool to raise the fog, which conceals life's meaning. Chevron-Amethyst is an outstanding stone even associated with the third-eye chakra.

To give you greater insight, it will improve both your perception and physical sight! Chevron-Amethyst can boost your imagination abilities and your vision recall. It has a powerful area of regeneration, which can improve the immune system. For treating burns, skin irritations, swelling, and headaches, it can also work.

Dragon Bloodstone

It is found only in Australia. Folklore claims it's the ruins of Dragons with the green depicting the skin and the red portraying the blood. Jasper is pulling out the inner dragon inside us.  On the one hand, it emboldens bravery, commitment, dedication, and feasibility, while the other side of our inner dragon is softly pushed to offer us love, grace, and empathy. It is a Chakra Stone of the Heart which signifies love and passion. For those experiencing a sickness, it is a wonderful stone, because it encourages internal strength and determination and an intense boost of energy to help heal.

It's a "gem of bravery" in modern times, which will help you find innovative ways to keep your life in order. It's also used to collect wealth.


Elephant Skin Jasper

This stone is found only in the Himalayan mountain region of India

The Chakra point it is linked to is the crown chakra

Its metaphysical properties are mostly linked to protection. It is very commonly used in India and around the world in meditation practice. This stone protects from feelings of loneliness and helps us to love ourselves.

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is also known as “calligraphy stone"

Another interesting fact about this crystal is that it is actually two minerals merged together, hematite crystal and iron shell fossil

Additionally, as a member of the Jasper family it comes under the category “mother of all stones" because they come in so many colors and mixed mineral and metal compositions



This stone is found is Mexico and South Africa

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart chakra

Its metaphysical properties are increased perception and interaction with spiritual beings. It promotes connection and brings spiritual growth. It is also useful to those who need to be more mindful, suffer from depression and are trying to escape a negative thinking pattern. There are other qualities to Epidote too. It is helpful for depression and emotional blockages which hold us back from attaining our higher connections and happiness. Crystal healers like to use is for both spiritual and physical blockages. It stabilises the energy flow of the body and is said to attune people with nature which is a part of that divine connection quality.

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it can enhance the energy of other stones it touches much like Quartz, in many ways it is a magnifier to others


Fire Quartz

This stone is found in Portugal mostly

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart chakra, replicating the burning passions in our hearts

Its metaphysical properties are the same as those associated with the elements of fire. It encourages bravery and courage as well as igniting your enthusiasm and motivation to take action.

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is formed in extreme temperatures and is often found in magma geodes in the game Stardew Valley


Flower Agate

This stone is found in Madagascar

The Chakra point it is linked to is to the heart chakra

Its metaphysical properties are self-growth, reaching full potential and development. It is truly a stone of nourishment and also represents feminine energy

An interesting fact about this crystal is that they have flower shapes embedded in their patterns which are where they got their name, but when added to the metaphysical properties this adds a deeper layer as people grow and blossom by them. The seed pattern on them are orbicular while the others look more like blossoms



The Fluoride Crystal functions to promote the calm and strong concentration in your area. The green purifies the heart chakra and replenishes it by aligning the mind with the heart's innermost desires. The Fluorite crystal removes the fog by balancing the third eye chakra so that the path to happiness is clearly illuminated and shielded from negativity. The meaning of the Fluorite crystal can be used as a source of power, which amplifies anything around it, including other gemstones. Pure fluorite is colorless; different impurities cause fluctuations in color. Fluorite is found in England, France, South America, South Africa, the USA, China, Switzerland, and only a few other places.



The name derives from 'granatus,' the Latin word for seed or grain due to the similarity of the crystal to a pomegranate's seeds. It can be detected in countries such as Austria, Hungary, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and India. It has the ability to cleanse your body's energy by disposing of the contaminants and returning your body to its rejuvenated and state.

This can give your proposals a sense of grounded realism. This can cultivate self-esteem and higher understanding. It can harness your imagination, which will assist you in all your endeavors. The calming energies of the Garnet will keep you free from insomnia and panic attacks. If you desire to revive the spark or restore the passion that is lacking in your relationship, Garnet can be your effective instrument. It protects the crown and root chakras, and it also aligns with the heart chakra.


Goldsheen Obsidian

This stone is found in volcanic regions as it is a byproduct of lava

The Chakra point it is linked to is the root chakra as it is concerned with connectivity

Its metaphysical property is spiritual connection and it is supposed to be very good for scrying in particular, although it can be used in other forms of divination

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is made from a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed which was formed in rapidly cooling lava that has a high silica content. It colors vary based on the impurities in the lava which is what often gives it the marbled effect

Additionally, obsidian is not considered a true mineral because it does not form crystals.


Goldstone is an artificial glass with suspended copper flecks. This offers the stone the shimmering feeling. Through patience and dedication, Goldstone will help you attain your objectives. Even in emotionally stressful times, it will enable you to remain calm. Using it while feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Goldstone will reduce aches and pains to expose itself in a brief twinge. The healing properties of Goldstone will assist in detoxifying the body. It may also improve the circulatory system and enhance the nervous system. People with cancer will also recover from their powers because they can assist with the chemotherapy results. The Master Healer is Goldstone. Healing effects are recognized on the throat, thyroid, and tonsils. Its strength restores and reconfigures the chakras



This stone is found everywhere and is a hybrid creation consisting mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar 

The Chakra points it is linked to are the root, third eye and crown 

Its metaphysical properties are based in perception. It is a stone which allows many people to see the difference between opinions and perceptions and find a state of knowing which applies to them, assisting them to find their truth. On a physical note it is associated with fertility healing and helping with problems with the hair, skin or face

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it can be many colors. The color range of granite includes mottled grey, white, pink, red and near black.

Another interesting fact is that the hardness of Granite varies depending on its composition so some can be brittle while others are extremely tough

In Ancient times, Granite was revered by the Mayan nation for its protective qualities

Granite has also been used in sound healing therapy as well as Gaia healing


Green Aventurine

It is a special quartz type, and chromium particles give it a green color. Aventurine can be seen in many different locations around the world, including, among others, Tibet, India, Chile and Brazil, Spain, and Russia. Aventurine stones have a quite calming force, which is of great benefit to those with anxiety, fear, or sleeplessness. This is also the ideal rock to cure strife and foster peace. Aventurine is the ideal stone to enhance your social, sexual, professional relationships. It is connected to the Heart Chakra, the devotion, gratitude, and internal peace activator. It reinforces the notion of the unity we need between the three lower chakras connected to Mother Earth, and the three higher chakras linked to the spiritual world so that we can feel the absolute equilibrium during our earthly soul experience.


Green Opal

This stone is found on six of the seven continents. The best specimens have come from Australia, Brazil, USA, Mexico and Peru though

The Chakra point it is linked to is heart chakra

Its metaphysical properties are about the heart and the emotions. It is a stone which is recommended for those suffering with grief or depression as it can help us process and accept our loss. It helps us find the strength that we used to have and realize that it is still within us so that we can move forward with our lives

An interesting fact about this crystal is that is has considerable effects during panic attacks so makes for a great stone to carry for those suffering with anxiety disorders


Green Strawberry Quartz

This stone is found in Mexico and Africa

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart

Its metaphysical properties are the same as normal Quartz, but it also has the additional vibrations of universal love. This lets you get better understanding of your reason to be and place in in this world. While doing that it encourages you to have the courage to seize the day. This crystal has the ability to amplify your intentions of love, appreciation and generosity, sending them out and drawing them back in to you

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it comes in several shades which also gains in the names raspberry Quartz and blush Quartz


Green Tree Agate

This stone is found in many places but was first found in rivers in Sicily

The Chakra points it is linked to are the heart and base root chakra

Its metaphysical properties are concerned with connecting to mother nature. It brings a peaceful and stabilizing energy to the emotional body and because of this is often used to help with mood swings, making it a useful stone for anyone suffering with hormone fluxuations or stress in fast paced work environments. It is particularly concerned with calming a person’s temper and restoring the natural balance that Gaia intended

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is technically not a true agate because of the impurities it holds which are often responsible for tree like patterns

Another interesting fact is that it was viewed as the stone of plenitude by many ancient civilizations



The definition of Hematite is 'bloodstone,' which is an iron/metal rock, that's why Hematite is an important stone to connect with during your spiritual quest. Hematite has been found in many countries from Asia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Western Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. The principal metaphysical property of Hematite could be defined as "grounding."

Explicitly, Hematite is a pleasant stone to organize one's ideas and build competencies for critical thinking. It is nature, because of its magnetic nature, and our own ying-yang forces, to put us back into alignment. It is also very delicate in nature while a warrior stone.

Hematite has the power to remove traumas because it is a stone that nurtures. Hematite is linked with the root chakra (the chakra that gives us a foundation in our physical reality), it can be successfully paired with other chakra stones to resolve issues involving two or more chakras that are either blocked or overactive.



Howlite crystals have a beautiful calming aura that will help relieve tension and can help to relax rage fits and short temper. They have incredibly useful metaphysical properties, which will help you deal with violent or belligerent men. Their energy could calm you and the other person down. They are valuable third-eye and crown chakra stones that are useful in meditation and for previous life studies. Reserves of this rock were initially discovered in Canada, and have now been discovered in Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, and the United States, California, one of the most popular places from which it originated. They connect within the chakra of the crown and can cause a greater desire for information within you and increase your memory. They also raise the degree of flexibility you can have, and they can encourage innovative ways to accomplish what you want.

Honey Calcite

The best Calcite findings of this kind are from Mexico. Honey Calcite will teach you the best way to channel your personal power and manipulate it. It will also promote transparency, responsibility, and governance. It will heighten your self-worth emotions and assist you in regaining from damaging or abusive cases. This stone will instill trust, power, and bravery in you to conquer your personal or professional hurdles. Honey Calcite's energies will also help you understand new things and acquire new skills. This stone improves energy through the chakra of the Sacral and Solar plexus.



Iolite is vision stones, used to support you with out-of-body journeys. Your strength will aid the cycle of communicating with angels, which will spiritually carry you to a high level. These stones can activate the mind, and this can enhance their use as shamanic stones, and they have strong healing properties like helping to lose weight. They vibrate inside the third-eye chakra, and when in connection with your energy, they generate an electric charge. It will improve the entire field of the auric and etheric body. They are believed to free up the mind completely, through the imagination. Brazil has the main deposits, but it also comes from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Madagascar. Iolite Cordierite can be seen under various lights and from multiple angles in different colors.  There is both a chakra in the third eye and a chakra stone in the throat. This stone will trigger psychic visions and visionary, innovative zones within the throat chakra. Thus it is highly beneficial for psychic artists.



This stone is found all over the world

The Chakra point it is linked to is varied depending on the type of Jasper

Its metaphysical properties come from it being known as the “supreme nurturer" and include grounding, stability, providing comfort, security, strength and healing both on the physical and spiritual body. It acts as a reminder that we do not only live for ourselves but to spread kindness and joy to others. Each kind has a specific area it addresses.

  • Black Jasper / Basanite, empowers supreme physical and mental efforts
  • Blue Jasper, growth the noble spirit and linked with speaking up for justice
  • Brecciated (containing hematite) Jasper, for emotional stability
  • Brown Jasper, used as a worry stone
  • Dalmatian Jasper, fortifies the spirit and gives inner strength
  • Green Jasper, increases fertility and lets us gain control of our lives
  • Kambaba Jasper, helps with heartbreak
  • Leopard skin Jasper, holds the power of balance
  • Mookait Jasper, awakens the elements of instinct
  • Ocean Jasper, aids in meditation
  • Picture Jasper, improves creative vision
  • Poppy Jasper, makes us passionate to new journeys
  • Rainbow Jasper, helps with mental processes
  • Rainforest Jasper, associated with hope, renewal and earth healing
  • Red Jasper, increases chi and life force
  • Royal Plume Jasper, represents dignity, status and power
  • Unakite Jasper, helps with finding place and moving past grief
  • Yellow Jasper, shields against negativity

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is featured in the Bible as one of the 12 stones of heaven. It is also rumoured to be on the chest plate of the Jewish High Priest



One of the more rare kinds of Jasper stones is Kambaba-Jasper. It is a special kind of orbicular stone coming directly from South Africa and Madagascar. Kambaba-Jasper's other popular locations include India, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Brazil, and the United States.

Kambaba-Jasper is a microcrystalline quartz sedimentary stone intermingled with Stromatolites. Stromatolites are blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and prehistoric microorganisms forming fossilized colonies. Kambaba-Jasper is a pillar of harmony and calmness, filled with natural rejuvenating energies. This is a mineral that will protect the body and reinvigorate it. This will balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body with the astral plane. It will also cultivate calm, deep sleep.

This stone's gradual frequencies will boost your concentration. They're going to anchor you and align you. Kambaba-Jasper can be very nerve-calming. It can strengthen the immune system and improve the proliferation of cells. This is also considered to be beneficial in resolving impotence and rising fertility. Kambaba-Jasper is a stone that is very defensive. The stone's renewable energy is connected to the Heart Chakra.



All of this stone's colors have a high amount of stone energy reflected in them, and all the colors are effective in aligning your chakras. They relax the mind and allow you to go further into the tranquil and soothing state required for an entirely peaceful meditative process. The most growing variety is the blue colored stone. This can quickly excite chakras in the heart and throat. It was found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Burma, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and the USA.

Green Kyanite is a wonderful chakra stone for your heart that will bring you into tune with nature and the world. It brings stability and consistency to your life. Indigo Kyanite, inside the third eye chakra, radiates energies that activate the pineal gland. Teal Kyanite's energy has a similar intensity to the Indigo crystals and can also activate the higher chakras, like the chakra of the crown and soul star chakra. Orange Kyanite deals with the sacral or navel chakra, which is an effective resource in the sexual organs to help eliminate toxic energies.

Black Kyanite can balance all the chakras, and may also recharge the meridian system. It is both a chakra stone of the earth star and a stone of the foundation chakra. It is an incredible stone for spiritual foundations to assist you. Since Kyanite does not hold or absorb any form of negative vibration, it does not need to be cleaned except to remove dirt.



This is a recently discovered and very rare stone that takes its name from its residence in the valley of Mount K2 in Pakistan, the world's second-highest peak. The K2 is an exquisite stone for expanding your meditation because of its tendency to foster a grounding insight. Position a crystal over your third eye chakra and draw in its soothing vibes, asking it to protect you while sleeping by shielding you from the hallucinations and giving you access into the implicit mind's fascinating dream world. The K2 sense of crystal is synonymous with the strength and determination resulting from experiencing harmony and happiness in all facets of life. It's the granite that grants K2 its potent grounding impacts to your strongest rationality. While the most frequently used name for this stunning rock is K2 Jasper, it isn't actually Jasper.


Kiwi Jasper

Kiwi Jasper and "Sesame Jasper" are synonymous names often combined with transparent crystalline forms for a black speckled stone. To prevent misunderstanding, we use the word "Kiwi Jasper" to refer to this crystal's light-green type. They are found mainly in Indonesia. It nurtures and assists us in times of tension, and gives quietness and wholeness. It's used for treatment and unifies all facets of your life. Jasper falls in line and draws harmful energy into the chakras. With a feel of healing, Kiwi / Sesame Jasper is warm when carried, and the feet are warm too, feeling calm and comfortable too. It heightens one's spirit and uplifts mood.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Stones mimic the sound of reality and illumination. For activating the third eye and triggering the pineal gland, they are strong deep blue stones. This stone is beneficial to wear because it is known to relieve frustration and negative thoughts. This crystal also balances the aspects of your personality, male and female. Most of this crystal's finest examples emerge from ancient Afghanistan mines, which have been in use for 2000 years. While this was also noticed in Italy, Egypt, Mongolia, Chile, Russia, and the USA. It will encourage and activate the throat chakra, as do most blue stones. It should work through the fifth chakra as it is a deeply spiritual stone to assist your imagination and communication. Many of the finest reserves have been extracted, and stone of the highest quality is more difficult to obtain.


Leopard Skin Jasper

Leopard Skin Jasper, because of its several rich colors and distinctive spotted patterns, is often also regarded as Jaguar Stone. It can be spotted in several counties, including Brazil, Mexico, and a few African regions. Also, Leopard Skin Jasper is a stone that will aid you with your journeys and bodily sensations. It is a strong stone of protection that keeps the negative energies away. Such as the rest of the Jasper stones, you will get power and resilience from Leopard Skin Jasper. Jasper Leopard Skin is popular for its soothing properties. Many suffering from chronic health problems will benefit greatly. It can act as a potent sperm stimulant and regenerator. Leopard-Skin Jasper's powers may be working to rebuild damaged organs and perforated tissues. Leopard skin jasper is a famous spiritual healer that operates well for most chakras, including Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra, and Solar Plexus, among others.



Lepidolite brings better luck and dissipates negativity. This also helps in changing or rearranging old habits of resources, adding optimism and optimism to a difficult situation. Holding a part of this stone also decreases the tension that comes with major changes in life. Lepidolite is the optimal crystal for helping a woman to realign her moods, dissolve the sorrow of profound wounds, help calm the heart, and lessen stress and depression. Lepidolite is present throughout the world, but the lilac variety is present primarily in Zimbabwe. On a scientific level, it is suspected that Lepidolite provides healing energy for those suffering from PTSD. Kids with hyperactivity or ADHD may also benefit from this. And wearing a Necklace with Lepidolite can assist with sleeping disorders. Lepidolite may be affiliated with the chakra of the crown, or, much less frequently, the chakra of the third eye. Lepidolite is in fact a type of mica, although it is mostly contained in small pieces inside larger ones of Quartz.



Labradorite Crystal is a mystical stone, which awakens supernatural and spiritual powers and paranormal forces within you. Their vibration also carries a wide degree of negative safety. For the chakras above the heart, they are suitable, including the throat, third eye, crown, and soul star chakra, and they resonate strongly within all those chakras. The definition of this stone derives from where it was initially found, as it was founded in Canada after Labrador. It is present in large quantities in several areas like Finland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, and the United States. This stone's resonance helps you to understand your destiny, encouraging yourself to evolve as an outcome, and putting together all the things you need from the various planes to support you. Since Lepidolite is a very soft stone, it is not suitable for many jewelry types.



It emerged in the Norwegian city of Larvik. Larvikite is also often referred to as Black Moonstone, but it is not necessarily a moonstone. The stone's forces will safeguard you in your daily activities, and whilst you're sleeping or traveling, it will provide protection. Larvikite is quite a body-safe. It can protect both the physical and astral bodies from the contaminants and negative energies. It will take away distracting emotions and strengthen your focus. It can enhance cognitive functions and help with a heart attack and stroke recovery. Larvikite can detoxify and rejuvenate the body. For Larkivite, the root chakra is the key level, as it is a grounding stone. This stone is a perfect option for lucid dreaming too.



Blue Moonstone is a master healer for busy working professionals. It will offer healing, relaxing, and calming aura that will help you restore your personal strength and inner peace. India and Sri Lanka are Blue Moonstone's main providers, but it can also be found in Australia, Brazil, and the USA. This stone is a very seductive, feminine, and invigorating stone that has the ability to repair what pains you and send you back to well-being and wholesomeness. It may relieve the debilitating hand, skin, and hair disorders, as well as other organs. This stone can be effective for treating depression and encouraging lucid dreams. Blue Moonstone can help adjust the regular cadences of the biological forces of your body to make use of its natural cycles. The clearer the moonstone, the potential it possesses healing powers. Blue Moonstone will clear and dissipate your chakras' negativities and provide you with the help you need to conquer your barriers.



Malachite has a powerful force that protects you from malicious entities. It also helps the imagination and improves your intuition's growth. It also has a powerful resonance inside the heart chakra, which improves the heart's health. This is present in a variety of countries like Zaire, from where some of the best specimens derive. This stone is also located in South Africa, Romania, Congo, Russia, Australia, Chile, and the United States. It encourages loyalty in all kinds of relationships, be they marriage, company, or friendship. It is considered an outstanding healing stone which is proven to lower high blood pressure, and after illness gives strength and endurance to the physical body, and can improve immune function. It works especially well for the well-being of the heart inside both the heart chakra and higher heart chakra, also known as the thymus chakra. The organic raw stone has to be treated carefully and should not be used on the body.



Jasper Mookaite crystals come in different earthy colors and reflect positive energy to delay aging. These crystals are also called Jasper Mook. eThey promote adventure and, when held, simultaneously aid physical safety. Mookaite Jasper is a sort of Quartz originating in Australia from a particular region. Using it is good for pregnant parents, as it may also allow you to communicate instinctively with your fetus. They also have a strong action to enhance your intuitive ability, through Mook Jasper's vibration inside the third-eye chakra. Their pulse within the solar plexus or chakra of power can help you realize your personal power.


Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany-Obsidian is a volcanic rock rich in silica, containing uneven pieces of oxidized Hematite or Magnetite. South America, the United States, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Japan are among the most significant suppliers of this stone today. The Mahogany-Obsidian powers will interact with your base chakras and sacral ones.

It will enable cleaning and detoxification so that you can release your negative habits and spiritual 'implants' along with negative energies that interrupt the flow of your creative energy.

Shamans use this gem to alleviate various forms of body pains. It can reduce the anxieties and pains, and it can also ease the stress that tends to accumulate. This stone is also recognized for enhancing circulation in the blood. This can help improve kidney and liver functions.


Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a very sacred stone with many exceptional qualities like grounding extra spiritual energy down to Mother Gaia via the base and earth chakra. This stone is found in Australia, Russia, India, and the USA. It has powerful movement within the chakra of the heart. A green stone will help you rectify instabilities between the two sides of the brain. The crystal's resonance gives energy and confidence to you and can help to alleviate anxiety and stress.



Merlinite is a crystal that is believed to activate deep insight, psychic awareness, and spiritual energy work that brings strong magic and good luck into your life. It can also lead you to parts where you interact with your own deeper, darker parts. This stone presently comes from only New Mexico. These stones connect deeply within the chakra of the third eye and are useful to encourage your spiritual development as they enable spirit teachers to work with you to move through to this plane. Due to its unique properties to draw mystical and supernatural encounters into your life, this stone was named after the wizard Merlin.


Nephirite Jade

Nephrite-Jade belongs to the group Silicates. This exists in stunning hues and can be opaque too. Because of the oval and kidney-shaped Nephrite pebbles and boulder, people believed this stone could heal kidney illnesses. Nephrite-Jade is most commonly found in Russia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, and Canada. Many Nephrite-Jade localities include Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland, Kenya, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. This can fend off unwanted energies and purify them from the auric powers. Nephrite-Jade can also offer a psychological defense, as well as physical protection from illness, damage, or accident. This crystal will cultivate a sense of peace, tranquility, and quietness that will help you follow your dreams more! Nephrite-Jade will heighten your confidence. This stone will facilitate the filtering of blood to improve circulation in the blood. It opens the chakra in the heart to allow good fortune to flood in.



This stone is manmade

The Chakra point it is linked to is the throat chakra but it is often used to clear blockages in all of the chakras

Its metaphysical properties are those associated with transition and changes. It is a communication stone, hence the link with the throat chakra and gives the holder the strength to verbalise their true feelings

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it has many names, including argenon, sea opal and opal moonstone 


Orca Agate

 This stone is found in Madagascar

The Chakra point it is linked to is the throat chakra

Its metaphysical properties are of healing and forgiveness

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it got it’s name from it’s patterning, having markings are reminiscent of an Orca Whale


Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is incredible healing stones which promote a sense of excitement and uplifting spirits! This is a great stone to support you in case you need a boost. These crystals help you to connect more emotionally and offer expressions of caring feelings in what you say. Acting through the chakra of your solar plexus, they help you raise your personal strength.

When you have a deeper understanding of yourself, this will allow you to have total self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. Reserves of the stone can only be found in Madagascar. These very special stones even vibrate inside the throat chakra, helping connect with you. They tie together the solar plexus chakra rhythm, with the chakra of the throat and heart. That helps to make you feel focused. If you have nightmares or other difficulties, toss a fragment under your pillow to trigger insomnia.



And Pliny in his Naturalis Historia tells everyone that this stone was first discovered in Ethiopia by a Roman named Obsidius. Therefore this form of black volcanic glass was named stone of Obsidius or Obsidius. The strong gravitational force gives our innermost insecurities and demons the freedom to lift. If you're not prepared, the sensation can be terrifying. One has to encounter the yang to understand the ying force and vice versa. The stone can be mined at different locations around the world, including the USA, Turkey, Scotland, Peru, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Mexico, Kenya, and Japan. It's also available in Greenland, El Salvador, Greece, Honduras, and Australia. You will use it because it is the truth's stone. It will support you, with courage and determination, cope with problems, circumstances, and people in your life. This is a strong stone, which can help with digestion and other digestive issues. It falls in line with chakras of the sacral and of the third eye.



Black Onyx is regarded as "Saturn's Stone." Saturn is karma's planet.   Black Onyx is a hidden stone that is known for holding many old memories. Healing from sadness and sorrow is the ideal pillar to wash away negative karma. Onyx occurs in Mexico, the United States, Peru, Madagascar, India, Afghanistan, and Brazil. Few individuals use Onyx to reduce lovemaking urges and rid themselves of bad behaviors. Onyx is thought to increase physical stamina on a physical level and to enhance the liver, heart, eyes, and nerves. This rock is also known for helping with infancy. Onyx is excellent at healing all chakras and balancing them at once. There are also occasions when onyx stones are painted to change or enhance their color.



Polychrome Jasper is another Madagascan, colored Jasper. The pattern is typically oval, eye-shaped, or figurative. It reflects zeal, exuberance, energy, movement, and creativeness. This special Jasper stone also has a very significant grounding, refocusing, and stabilizing forces that will intensify and enhance your bond with Mother Earth. This form of Jasper will bring in a new partner, a new friendship, or a new romance as well. This is a stone that is extremely defensive and will hold the threat away. Jasper polychrome can improve the immune system and purify the body's contaminants and toxins. Polychrome Jasper's soothing energies will also help relieve allergies and treat skin related problems. Polychrome jasper claims to align and clear all chakras. It's also known as Desert Jasper due to its earthy colors.



This stone is found in two main regions, natural prasiolite has come from a small Brazilian mine, but it has also been mined in Lower Silesia in Poland and Thunder Bay in Canada

The Chakra point it is linked to is variable. As well as linking the heart and crown chakras it is said to open both the crown chakra and the third eye and activate your inner vision

Its metaphysical properties are a profound connection to the higher self and esoteric alignment. It is said to embody the spirit of nature itself

An interesting fact about this crystal is nicknamed green Amethyst even though it is not an Amethyst at all but green quartz


Picture Jasper

Picture-Jasper is a perfect meditation stone since it can combine your mind with the earth. It exists in many parts of the globe. It will teach you how you can be environmentally conscious, and you will appreciate being here with other people and other living things in this world. It will also relieve your uncertainties and remove your concerns. Picture-Jasper will improve your imagination and your imagination abilities. It will give you continuous relaxation, contributing to high productivity levels. It will help you escape from bad habits, such as alcohol and smoking, and ensure you stop for good. This also can give a pregnant mother defensive energies during childbirth. If it causes damage, it will heal the body. It can get rid of blockages in all the chakras.


Picasso Jasper

Picasso jasper is also called Picasso Stone or Picasso marble. It is only present in Utah. It will help and protect you in moments of stress or hardship. This will give you what you need to get through the tough phase, and with affection and security, it will do so. Picasso-Marble is also a soothing and very grounding stone. Picasso jasper helps the body while losing weight. Also, it is considered to be very efficient in the treatment of viral infections. This can also be useful in treating eye problems. It affects chakras of the third eye and of the crown. Picasso-Marble really looks like the cubist painter Pablo Picasso's abstract art.


Plum Jasper


This stone is found in many places with deposits existinh in India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay and the United States, particularly in the States of Oregon, Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, Utah, Arkansas, and Texas

The Chakra point it is linked to is the crown chakra

Its metaphysical properties are about courage, fearlessness and power. This stone makes you embrace your courage and inner strength, pushing you to reach your goals. It helps you see clearly and is good in banishing bad dreams. It’s connection to the crown chakra also promotes a renewed connection to Spirit

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is associated with fidelity in relationships

Pink Tourmaline

This stone is found worldwide

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart chakra

Its metaphysical properties are devoted to serving the highest aspects of the heart and the emotions which surround it. It is useful for governing the emotions, particularly in relationships

An interesting fact about this crystal is that although pink Tourmaline is found on every continent, fine crystal specimens and gems are still considered rare and can be quite expensive making it both rare and common


Pink Calcite

This stone is found in Brazil, the Czech Republic and Peru

The Chakra point it is linked to is predominantly the heart but it also has close links to the solar plexus

Its metaphysical properties are wide and varied, but the main one that people associate with it is the emotional healing that can take place at on an energetic and romantic level. It works by connecting the path between the heart and the solar plexus and improving the join between them to clear their individual energies and have them work in a more cohesive manner. It helps with compassion, trauma healing, heartbreak and balance. On a physical level it aids with heart and any issues surrounding it

An interesting fact about this crystal is that is frequently linked to past life regression therapies as it is believed to heal wounds older than the current vessels

Another interesting fact is that it is supposed to share love with people you don’t even know


Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood can assist you in interpreting the Akashic Documents, and is useful for former life or ancestral healing. They are also called Fossilized Wood and have a powerful calming energy that can help you make a great connection to Mother Gaia through the base and earth chakra. Brings patience to continual development. This stone style is present in the USA in Northeast Arizona. It is also present elsewhere, such as in Australia's North Queensland, as well as in Argentina, Egypt, and a few other US locations. Yet, although it resembles wood, there is none of the original wood intact. The third-eye chakra energy lets you interact with your cells as well as the issues that are contained within your DNA.



Pietersite is often defined as storm stone, because it is a stone that holds a charge, much like a storm raging in it. It brings light to cleanse and help you build change. This is a gem that activates your energy field very much and allows you to see through bad patterns and unhealthy ways to live your life. It is very important to use the ability of your intuition to imagine and to create unique dreams and ideals. This stone was initially discovered in Namibia and was recently found in China. Pietersite binds the third eye and the chakra of the solar plexus, which is the seat of the will, by taking strong vibrational energy from the astral planes through the third eye.



The name Pyrite comes from the Greek word pyr, which means fire. This is because Pyrite creates sparks when it's struck forcefully by iron. The richest Pyrite deposits are found in Peru, Spain, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Pyrite will help you reset the brain so that you will have new ways of thinking. The name Pyrite derives from the Greek word pyr, meaning a spark. When it is struck violently by iron Pyrite, it produces sparks. The finest Pyrite deposits are situated in Peru, Spain, Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Norway, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and. Pyrite should help refresh your brain, and you'll have new approaches of thought. This stone has the strength to purify the oxygen that circulates in your body, which will enhance the function of the entire cardiovascular system.


Purple Chalcedony

This stone is found in Indonesia

The Chakra points it is linked to are the Crown and the Third eye

Its metaphysical properties are expanded awareness, aiding and increasing connection to the higher dimensions and the bringing forth higher knowledge and wisdom

An interesting fact about this crystal is also called “purple grape" because of its beaded formation which looks like a bunch of grapes


Pink Amethyst

This stone is found in Argentina

The Chakra points it is linked to are the heart, third eye and crown

Its metaphysical properties are associated with love, but unlike the very similar looking rose Quartz, it is more about acceptance and self love. It is called the governor of divine love because they open the chakras to pathways of love from the soul

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is the closest of the Quartz family to Amethyst


Que Sera

This stone is found in Brazil

The Chakra point it is linked to is not set, this is because Que Sera crystals vibrate within a number of chakras

Its metaphysical properties are about bringing energy through to you from the higher chakras

An interesting fact about this crystal is that this is not one stone type but a hybrid of Quartz, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene. Despite this, every one of the stones are said to contain the same vibrations regardless of the look of the individual one or what mineral levels are present for each element



Rainbow Obsidian


This stone is found in volcanic areas

The Chakra point it is linked to is the base root chakra

Its metaphysical properties are related to the true self. When meditating with this stone it is said to draw in love and light, bringing you guidance to your inner self. It shines light on your internalized issues and lets you see them clearly so that you can face them. It gets rid of negative thoughts and internal voices that speak of doubt. It helps you to identify your own flaws and gives you a clear picture of the changes you need to make in order to improve your life

An interesting fact about this crystal is that the great Nostradamus used Rainbow Obsidian to foresee all his predictions


Rainbow Jasper

This stone is found all over but the Rainbow variant comes from Africa

The Chakra points it is linked to are the root and heart chakra which gives it such balances properties

Its metaphysical properties are around sustaining yourself. It helps very much when you are fatigued and need an extra push or burst of strength. This is because it helps us to gather our thoughts and that encourages us to make better decisions.

It is also a stone that lets us haventhe courage to speak out and have personal independence, making it very useful in business

An interesting fact about this crystal is that the name comes from the Greek for “rainbow spotted stone" and even though it is called Rainbow, it doesn’t not usually have all of the colors of the rainbow in it


Rainforest Jasper

This stone is found in Australia. Rainforest Jasper is the green form of Rhyolite and comes from Western Australia

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart chakra as it resonates with the love between us and the Earth

Its metaphysical properties are about change, renewal and hope. It promotes a deeper connection with nature, especially with plants, trees and animals. It binds us and grows and nourishes our connection to Gaia / mother earth

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is very important for people who have already decided that they want to help to heal the earth



Rhodonite is known for being able to deliver emotional healing and release trapped energy from inside the chakra of the heart. It has a powerful heart dependent energy with valuable vibration of healing. It helps bring peace to troubled marriages, and through its intervention to promote acceptance, reconciliation, and love and compassion for others, it is effective in dealing with relationship problems. This stone can be used for soothing yourself through difficult times. The gem is present in many countries like Germany, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Australia, Canada, and the USA. This stone is useful in helping to heal the endocrine system, which comprises several hormone-producing glands. Place this stone as close as possible to the chakras it most affects. These chakras are the heart, thymus, solar plexus, and base chakras.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal is classified as the 'love stone' because the reality of the matter is a strong pulse of unconditional affection, happiness, warmth, and soothing emotions. They have a pulse of love, which is a strong force to help restore relationship problems. The stone will reflect the strength of love through its surroundings to support all those close by.

This lovely pink crystal has tremendous energy resonating within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra or thymus chakra, the kindness related region. Deposits can be found in Nepal, India, Japan and Brazil, and also in the United States in South Africa and South Dakota. Heal old unhealthy emotions like rage, frustration, fear, and envy from previous experiences.


Red Jasper

Red Jasper bears a deep, calming spiritual resonance. His activity resonates at the sacral, spiritual, and earth chakras and takes the energy from the spiritual chakra and grounds it to Mother Earth. It is a great benefit to emotional health. This Red Stone has been identified in several countries, including India, Russia, Brazil, Germany, France, and the United States. These red crystals are quite helpful to activate and enhance your creativity.



Rhodochrosite is a good stone for improving emotional wellness. It helps you to show affection for yourself, and its strength will help you meditate, enter a state of bliss and sublime peace. Large deposits were found in Argentina, but they also come from Uruguay, Russia, South Africa, and the United States. Pink Rhodochrosite has a strong force inside the heart chakra, and the force of affection vibrates like most heart chakra stones. This visceral reaction in the gut, or within the chakra of the solar plexus or strength. It also stimulates the chakra at heart.

The hue is in pink-red and occasionally even orange-pink colors, with different color aberrations including white, gray, yellow, and black.


Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is the "illuminator," the source of all 114 human body chakras. Rutilated quartz will inspire sacred creativity by limitless knowledge and will speed the spiritual journey. The Rutilated Quartz may have needles of gold and red in it when the iron oxide content is significant. It may have a darker and almost black color when the iron is lower. Clearness is the particular type of psychic force that Rutile strengthens, meaning "clear thought." Rutilated quartz can be identified in Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Norway, Pakistan, and the USA.


Red Onyx

This stone is found in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, USA, Madagascar, India, and Afghanistan

The Chakra points it is linked to is all of them. It ia a very conductive stone

Its metaphysical property of this stone is countering bad luck

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is reflective and will not melt in fire


Serpentine stone has special energy believed to activate the kundalini energies to arouse. It will serve to clear blocked or dormant energy at any chakra. This green stone can help with curing issues within the heart and lungs and is an excellent cellular regeneration stone. It is also a stone that allows you to make connections with simple beings. Serpentine Stones are distributed in many locations like Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, Italy, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. The Aztec civilization strongly respected it. Serpentine stone also consists of Black Magnetite or Lodestone within.


Scenic Quartz

Lodolite is a type of Quartz incorporated with different aberrations of color and form. Such inclusions also look like underwater scenes, deserts, and gardens. Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, and Garden Quartz are also named. Its strong yet calming energies will immediately place you in a state of deep meditation.

It will carry transformation forces in your life so that you can satisfy the wishes of your heart. This will improve your interpersonal skills, and it can enter the divine world and raise your divine energies. Lodolite has a high degree of life-force energies and can be an excellent organ cleanser. Often considered a natural antiviral, this crystal has a profound effect on inactive or blocked chakras.



This stone is found in England, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

The Chakra point it is linked to is the throat chakra

Its metaphysical properties have strong Shamanic influence. The Septarian improved communication hence it’s link to the throat chakra

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it was formed around 50 million years ago

Additionally, they sometimes get called “dragonstone"



Selenite represents a strong vibrational force that acts to help you bring light down into the human body from the higher realms, to establish personal transformation. White or transparent crystals have a powerful vibration, which can open the chakra of the crown and the chakra of the soul star. This will facilitate you in making contact with the Divine Mind and in entering the Angelic world. It can be effective to trigger latent abilities from past lives using White Selenite. While selenite is most commonly found in countries such as Australia, Greece, Mexico, and the USA, those seeking to benefit specifically from the healing powers of selenite should look for long, clear selenite stones arriving from Mexico.



They have strong solar energy, and they reflect the light, strength, and openness of the sun inside them. For a variety of reasons, they are excellent therapeutic stones, including reducing tension, improving the metabolism and digestion that can support weight loss, and other healing properties. Deposits of this stone were found in Norway, Greece, Russia, India, Canada, and the United States. It has yellow, orange or red-brown color. The significance of this name of stones is related to the fact that these stones have beautiful sparking additions distributed across the stone. It helps with the enhancement of leadership skills. Used at the chakra of the solar plexus, they will help you to manifest money. The Sunstone can help both the solar plexus or power chakra and the sacral chakra improve the flow of energy.



This stone is found in India, Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay and the United States.

The Chakra point it is linked to is the heart

Its metaphysical properties are linked to courage, happiness and clear communication. The stone, especially a red and white variant, is supposed to hugely improve charisma so that the wearer will be able to draw people and energies near them

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it was positioned highly in Roman cultures. In Ancient Rome many of the wealthy women wore sardonyx necklaces with cameos of Venus on them. They did this in hope of harnessing the power of the goddess of love. It was also common for male soldiers to wear a sardonyx ring with carvings containing images of Mars, the god of war, into battle as a means of protection



Sodalite stone has a powerful vibration, which is particularly useful in helping to improve psychic abilities and intuition. If you're doing public speaking, this stone will support you and is excellent for generally improving communication. They have good metaphysical properties that can activate innovative latent abilities. The stone's largest deposits are in Brazil. It was also found in Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada, and the United States. This is an excellent contact stone, with a powerful action within the throat chakra. There is a dominant chakra in the third eye and a chakra stone in the chest. This stone fits well as a pendentive or as ear-rings.


Smokey Quartz

Several of the finest grounding and anchoring stones are Smokey quartz crystals. Those stones are extremely defensive. When you're on a spiritual journey and focused on all of your mental or psychic abilities, you may have been ungrounded. This stone is built with the purpose of solving that problem. Smokey Quartz Crystals were found in Africa, Switzerland, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, and the USA. This stone is known to help you when you're prone to man-made electrical device emissions. It is both a chakra stone of the earth star and a chakra stone of the base or root.


Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is the pink Quartz variety that has the combination of goethite and iron oxide, which infuses the crystalline matrix. It is found more commonly in Mexico and in Africa. Strawberry Quartz holds all of the Clear Quartz powers, including the additional vibrations of unconditional love. Strawberry quartz can be extremely relaxing and soothing. Often recognized as the 'Stone of Inner Love,' Strawberry Quartz aligns with the base chakra.


Silver Sheen Obsidian

This stone is found in volcanic areas

The Chakra point it is linked to is the third eye. Sometimes it is also linked to the base chakra

Its metaphysical properties are that it helps to clear and purify a person's energy fields by removing negativity and working especially on the third eye chakra. It is an important stone for reflection on the inner self and development of personal growth

An interesting fact about this crystal is that the mirror like sheen reflects the metaphysical property of self reflection


Snowflake Obsidian

A snowflake stands for singularity and uniqueness. Obsidian snowflakes can help attract emotions to the surface. This feeling of newly found calm will give you peace of mind, and the stability you need to start a new start. It will remove stress and blockages, and clear you of toxicity. Big Snowflake Obsidian deposits could be located in Mexico, Iceland, and the USA. Snowflake Obsidian can function perfectly on your root chakra if used in meditation to cleanse chakra.


Tiger's Eye

This is a strong stone that helps relieve fear and anxiety and promotes peace and equilibrium. It encourages action and helps with rationality and comprehension in making decisions. It has historically been worn as an amulet against curses. It's proven to give you the strength, self-confidence, and willpower. It stimulates the imagination and is one of the stones that help to awaken kundalini. And assisting people suffering from mental illness or personality disorders may be of value.

South Africa has the greatest number of Tiger Eye Stones; however, it also comes from Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia, and the USA. If you are an earthy individual and vibrate to the solar plexus force, also known as the power chakra, you can find that this stone helps you bring across a variety of psychological gifts. If used at the third-eye chakra, it can help you if you are earthy to improve your psychic powers. This motion of stones works heavily inside the sacral or navel chakra.


Thousand Layer Quartz

This stone is found worldwide

The Chakra point of Thousand Layer Quartz is not shown but Quartz can work with any of the chakra points. Depending on whether you regard the crown as clear or violet or white you may associate it with the crown

Its metaphysical properties are spiritual healing and healing past life trauma on an incredibly powerful level

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it can boost the energy of other crystals


Tourmilated Quartz

Tourmilated quartz is transparent or white Quartz, containing bits of Green or Black Tourmaline. These quartz crystals are highly metaphysical in nature. They allow you to encircle your body by a huge amount of light. Tourmalinated quartz stones have a powerful spiritual grounding force and are also psychic defensive stones.

Such stones are commonly based on Clear Quartz Crystals, or white snow quartz stones, both of which have excellent energy in all the chakras. Clear Quartz produces an especially powerful resonance within the chakra of the third eye, the chakra of the crown, the chakra of the soul star, and the higher transpersonal chakras. This helps to emanate whiter light from these chakras. The crown chakra is the link to the Divine Mind, and the bright light emanates from here. That stone is mainly from Brazil.



Unakite is a stone that opens up your inner vision and enhances imaginative abilities. It operates through the chakra of the third eye and lets you imagine the things you want in your life. If you're thinking about how to sleep better, this is one of the soothing crystals that will help you sleep easier, and will help ease stress as well. It can improve addictive habits that you have had trouble coping with. The significance of the name of this stone has to do with the place in the USA, where it is located mainly in the Unakas Mountains in North Carolina. It is also present in Switzerland and South Africa, in Zimbabwe. It also has a very strong vibration within the chakra of the heart and the chakra of the thymus.


Violet Jasper

This stone is found all over the world

The Chakra point it is linked to is the crown chakra

Its metaphysical properties are revolved around emotional synchronicity. It relieves anxiety and depression as it has a very soothing vibration. It brings emotional healing and helps you get deeper into meditation for a more thorough experience of enlightenment. Violet Jasper provides protection, peace of mind, nurturing, comfort and grounding for both body and mind. Physically it is linked to supporting prolonged illnesses

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it shares its name with a kind of tomato


White Calcite

This is found in the USA, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Peru, Iceland, Romania, and Brazil. Strong amplifier, and cleaner of energy. Once the refraction of light has a "rainbow" within, it means that it is a stone with new beginnings. It also has the gift of profound soul healing and revitalizes the delicate bodies. White calcite is generally a very active crystal that speeds development and personal development. It can cure and energize all the chakras because of the variety of colors in calcite.



This stone is found in Mozambique

The Chakra point it is linked to is the sacral chakra in terms of creativity and focus in terms of the root chakra

Its metaphysical properties are supportive, helping you grow your will and improving focus. This crystal pushes you towards an objective

An interesting fact about this crystal is that is can occasionally contain properties of arsenic or radioactive chemicals

Yellow Jade

It is the capability of the stone to withstand scratches, as well as other surface damages. Typically, yellow jade can be found in Myanmar, Guatemala, Japan, and several areas of the United States, like California and Alaska. It could also be found in some Chinese localities. Yellow Jade brings the strength of self-confidence, bravery, and abundance. In peace and tranquility, it will impart knowledge, and it will eradicate harm and negativity. This will allow you to release your dreaming thoughts and feelings and allow you to process them while you are awake. Yellow Jade can help with a variety of physical problems including heart, bladder, thyroid, kidney, larynx, thymus, or spleen issues when placed on the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Yellow Aventurine

This stone is found in large quantities across India, China, Tibet, Brazil, Tanzania, Spain, Austria, Nepal, Italy, Zimbabwe, Chile and Russia

The Chakra point it is linked to is the solar plexus chakra

Its metaphysical properties are helpful with problems with power and control through adding compassion and understanding, alleviating grief, bringing balance and centering the emotions. On a physical note it helps to remove toxins and enhances the flow of energy through the body. It is the crystal equivalent to a detoxing. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory, to ease migraines or headaches, reduce the effects of allergies and help with sinus issues

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is abundant all over the world


Zebra Jasper

Zebra-Stone is a sedimentary stone created about six hundred million years ago. It was first found in Kununurra, West Australia. Ebra-Stone will improve your physical endurance and grow your physical strength. This stone would also provide physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual relief. It will allow you to relate with Mother Earth and to the constant flow of universal love. Zebra-Stone suits all of the chakras, too.



This stone is found all over the world but mostly in Austria, Madagascar, UK and the USA, but it was first discovered by rural miners in Madagascar

The Chakra point it is linked to is the solar plexus

Its metaphysical properties are centered around elevating worry that has built up and preventing worry that is to come. It is also said to give an individual awareness to their personal goals and aspirations but that it often does this in unconventional ways.

An interesting fact about this crystal is that it is commonly used in the porcelain industry to set ceramic

Another interesting fact is that it is used in Feng Shui where it is said to be best placed in a Southeast direction of your home to draw in wealth, both financially and spiritually



Zoisite is a silicate hydroxide of calcium aluminum which belongs to the mineral class Epidote. The involvement of chromium and vanadium makes it achieve its green color. Zoisite could be found in South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Australia, India, Austria, and the USA. Zoisite is among the leading healing stones when facing terminal illnesses and the transition to death because it helps you in the cycle physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Zoisite aligns and activates star chakras of the earth and stimulates the heart. This helps improve blood flow and immunity.