Live Rules

Live show Rules 

☀️Message the page your email before the end of the live show. We will not search for people, your basket will be put back.

☀️To claim an item comment the number or letter or combo of number and letter that is written on the sticker of the item you want. Example: if the sticker reads "23C" comment "23C" or "sold23C" or "Me23C". If the sticker only has a letter such as "X" then comment "X" or "meX" or "soldX". If it only has a number such as "7" comment "7" or "gaia7". The first person on my screen will get the item.

☀️ claims are only accepted on items that have been shown. Please do not jump ahead.

☀️Please be mindful of what you are claiming. By claiming an item you are agreeing to pay for it within 48 hours of being invoiced.

☀️Your invoice is due within 48 hours. Please message me if something happens and you need an extension. If we do not receive any messages and you have missed more than one invoice, you will be banned.

☀️Invoices go out on Sunday after the last show for the weekend.

☀️Any items put back after the live show will incite a 15% restocking fee. This includes unpaid orders.

☀️You will not be able to shop with us if you have any outstanding invoices or restocking fees.

Auction Rules

✨Bids must be on the main post, not a reply to others.

✨Keep comments to bids only.

✨Shipping is not included.

✨Payment is due within 24 hours of the acution

✨If you win and do not pay, you will be banned from the page.

Instagram story and post sales

💥 To claim an item comment, "sold" and letter. Example "sold a"

💥The first comment or direct message will win the item.

💥All sales are final. You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice

💥Shipping starts at $6 for a priority envelope or small box, $12 for a medium priority box and $15 to large priority box.